Attention for all the interns and employees

Dear Team Member,

Welcome to Emaan Creations! We strive to build a professional culture that enables employees to work energetically and focused. Every employee is precious, and we take concerns, suggestions, and opinions very seriously. We anticipate a long-term professional relationship and to create a better work environment, we have a few words to share on behalf of our company.

Professional Conduct and Work Environment:

Manners and Personal Hygiene: We expect you to practice the good manners you learned at home and prioritize personal hygiene. This keeps everyone motivated towards a healthy lifestyle.

Focused Work Ethic: Success requires hard work and a focused mind. Avoid toxic habits and maintain positive actions. Breaking routine patterns leads to failure.

Respect and Loyalty: You will receive what you give – love, respect, faith, and loyalty. True income is earned by being loyal to your job and performing duties with honesty.

Attendance and Punctuality:

Regular Attendance: Attendance and punctuality are vital. Unauthorized absence is misconduct. Explain any absence of one or two days without leave.

  • Attendance Bonus and Deduction:

Interns with 100% attendance will receive a bonus of Rs 1000.

Those with 90% attendance will face a deduction of Rs1000.

For 80% attendance, a deduction of Rs 1500 will apply.

Employees with 60% attendance will receive a warning letter.

Late Arrival Penalty: For every 3 days of late arrival, 1 day’s salary will be deducted.

Professionalism and Task Completion:

Mobile Phone Usage: Mobile usage during working hours is strictly prohibited. Urgent calls are exceptions. Repeat offenses may lead to disciplinary action.

Task Completion: Complete tasks within the designated timeframe. Submit daily progress summaries to your team lead before signing off.

Dress Code: Maintain sophisticated dressing; no shorts, flip-flops, or slippers. Clean your shoes before entering the office.

Office Etiquette:

Workstation Cleanliness: Keep your desk clean and tidy. Use dustbins for trash and do not write on tables or walls.

Behavior: Stay focused, avoid unnecessary talk, backbiting, and gossip. Encourage and appreciate fellow employees.

Professional Interactions: Be gentle and polite. Maintain professionalism and help your colleagues.

Office Policies:

Office Timings: Office starts 12 PM & you should arrive office a few minutes earlier to get your attendance marked on time. Refreshment Time is allowed 1 hour only, that will be 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM, and you must join your desk back before the 5:30.

Complete your tasks before 8:45 PM, & submit your work progress to your team lead.

Keep your attendance 100%, only designated public holidays are allowed. A list of Public Holidays is attached.

Kashmir Solidarity Day (5th February) 01
Pakistan Day (23rd March) 01
Labor Day (1st May) 01
Eid-ul-Fitr 03
Eid-ul- Adha 03
Ashura 9th & 10th Moharrum 02
Independence Day of Pakistan 01
Eid Milad-ul-Nabi (Prophet’s Birthday) 01
Christmas Day/Quaid-e-Azam Birthday (25th December) 01

Kitchen Usage: Allowed only during refreshment break. Clean utensils after use.

Emergency Leave: Inform your senior and keep correspondence channels open.

Leave Policy: For medical leave, provide a doctor’s prescription. Write to a week before for leave approval. Unauthorized consecutive leaves may lead to disciplinary action.

Namaz and Toilet Breaks: Namaz break is 15 minutes. Toilet breaks should not exceed 7 minutes.

Office Maintenance:

Company Equipment: Keep company assets safe. Do not install malicious software on workstations.

Workspace Cleanliness: Clean your desk daily, do not make noise, and avoid clutter. Close doors softly and avoid distractions.

Computer Usage: Do not browse unethical sites. Remove junk from shared computers without deleting others’ data.

Drug Policy: All types of drugs are prohibited inside the premises. Severe action will be taken against violators.

Vehicle Parking: Park vehicles in an organized manner. Lock your vehicle and do not block other vehicles.

Feedback and Suggestions:

Open Communication: We encourage you to share your good experiences and suggestions for improvement. Write to

We believe that we have covered many important points above, but if you have better suggestions then please don’t hesitate in writing to us at We respect your opinions and suggestions to help us flourish a better work environment. Let’s join hands together in building a robust professional culture by adopting good habits. High hopes!

Best Regards,

Minahil Sheraz Dar
HR Manager
Emaan Creations